I recited the beginning of several proverbs to my students and asked them to complete the sentences. The following is what they told me.

1. Hell hath no fury…you talk funny.

2. A good beginning…well if it’s good, I don’t get to see it because my brother says parents don’t let kids watch the good stuff on TV.

3. Actions speak louder…only if you’re yelling.

4. Blood is thicker…isn’t that why they make Band Aids?

5. Do as I say, not…all the time.

6. Easy come…it’s not that easy.

7. Everybody wants to go to heaven but…isn’t there only one way to get there? In that case, I guess I’ll stay here on Earth.

8. Truth is stranger…because we’re not used to telling it.

9. Give a man enough rope…so stuff can get fixed.

10. Good things come…to the first person in line.

11. A good beginning…starts with Once upon a time.

Copyright © (2010) Diana (Diane) Maria


1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a…lot of sandwiches.

2. A fool and his money…where did he get the money?

3. When in Rome…call home.

4. Walk softly but carry a…pretty purse.

5. Two wrongs don’t make…good meth.
(This child meant ‘math’.)

6. If you live in a glass house…you’d better change clothes in the dark.

7. There’s no place like…that place with the water-slide and ice cream! Do you know that place? It’s the best place!

8. All roads lead to…grandma’s house!

9. Ask a silly question…how do you know it’s silly?

10. Birds of a feather…are peacocks!

Copyright © (2010) Diana (Diane) Maria

1. A man who is his own lawyer has a fool…that’s just like my dad!
2. All you need is…some more money.
3. Ask no questions and…you won’t know how it happened.
4. You can’t win…unless you start cheating.
5. A drowning man will clutch at…his cell phone.

Copyright © (2010) Diane

I asked my students to complete the following proverbs.

1. First think and then…stop, drop, and roll!

2. Two heads are better…when you have an extra hat.

3. What goes up must…be a balloon.

4. When the cat’s away…empty the litter box.

5. You can catch more flies with…that electric thing that’s hanging in the backyard.

6. Christmas comes but…it keeps coming back.

7. Rome wasn’t built…Oh! So that’s why it’s falling apart.

8. All roads lead to…that big building downtown with the restaurant way up high. I usually get scared in up high places but I wasn’t. I looked out the window and I saw the whole world. Did you see me?

9. You can’t have your cake and…sing Happy Birthday at the same time.

10. You are never too old to…do stuff.

Copyright © (2009) Diane

1. A golden key can open any…thing! Like that lock-box dad has in his room. You know, in the back of his closet. I saw it there. He hid it.

2. Absence makes the…teachers get nervous.

3. If you want a thing done well…get mom to do it.

4. He who lives by the sword…should move next door to something else.

5. Every cloud has…one or two friends they don’t like.

6. Scratch my back and I’ll…feel better.

7. It takes two to…keep mom from knowing who did it.

Copyright © (2009) Diane


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